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Junk Bands

Junk Bands. Not Jug Bands. Though, on the other hand, Jug Bands are Junk Bands.

But I was thinking in particular of Junk Bands like the National Junk Band, at least one whose songs will bring a smile to the mental lips of any fan of Monty Python.

What I was in particular thinking when I was thinking about Junk Bands was: they use junk to make music, and they look like they're having fun doing it. And it seemed to me that the deep playfulness displayed by these Bands is a genuinely actual act of Sung Heroism (as opposed to the unsung kind).

Consequently, on behalf of Major Fun, I hereby and -with welcome them, players of Junk and Jugs and Washboards, too, each "Defenders of the Playful," musical Junkmasters all.


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