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The Sacky Sack

Herein depicted while posing with a coffee mug, from left to right:
  • the one-sack Sacky Sack
  • the two-sack Sacky Sack
  • the three-sack Sacky Sack, with belt loop
Further explorations of the Junkyard Sport-ready properties of the food store plastic bag, especially investigations of the significant scrunchability of the bag, and the equally notable, slightly stretchy twist-and-loop-around-to-hold-it-all-together properties of the food store plastic bag handle, have led to the creation of what can truly can only be called the Sacky Sack.

Combining scrunching, twisting and looping, it becomes possible to create an extensive variety of little, tightly-wrapped ball-like things that are as fun to kick and hit as any of them fancy leather-covered, pellet-filled foot bags you read about, fun even as the highly branded and beloved Hacky Sack of Wham-o fame., and perhaps even more:
  • They're completely customizable.
  • They're softer.
  • And they're just as great in a game of miniature golf, table-top soccer, or lawn billiards.


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