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World Games Fun Day

The World Games Fun Day features 50: "playful first encounters with sports ranging – alphabetically – from aikido to water ski. These exercises were developed by German sports pedagogues (under the lead of Christoph Gehrt-Butry on behalf of the Duisburg Sports Council and the Organizing Committee for The World Games 2005) for physical education classes to be held at schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. But many of the exercises can be easily adapted to all-ages programs elsewhere: from psychomotor education in a kindergarten all the way to fitness classes for senior citizens and even parties. They are flexible and ageless. Above all, they’re for fun!"

You can download a PDF file of all 50 of these game/exercises here. They are in many cases the very essence of Junkyard Sports - physical, unthreatening, and, as they say, they are, above all, all for fun.

The Giant Pick-Up Sticks Runaway

Here, courtesy of artist Steven Goodman, who created a game of Giant Pick-Up Sticks at this year's Burning Man is an action photo of an extraordinarily brave, and perhaps profoundly misinformed attempt to play a solitaire version of Giant Pick-Up Sticks - more commonly known as "The Game of Duck and Run."

It is to play. It is to laugh.

Cubicle Bowling

Cubicle Bowling, invented by Daniel Saakes of the ID-Studiolab at the University of Delft in Holland, provides us with at least one meaningful answer to the eternal question: "what should we do with all these extra empty water jugs?"

For yet more clarity, see this video.

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The Well-Played Game

Junkyard Golf

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