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Asphip - Spinning Top Boomerang Bowling Tennis

Asphip includes both the Asphip Looper and the Wandering Disks. Both are attempts to introduce objects with different physical properties into traditional ball sports.

The "distinctive and primary element in Asphip Looper is this unique ball that's similar to a top in that it spins on a shaft. The ball is round and has two shafts, one at the top and one at the bottom. The racket is used to hit and spin the ball. This racket like those used in some other sports has a grip and palm. The palm is filled with a sponge material so that it flexes when it comes in contact with the ball." The Looper, of course, travels best on the specially smoothed surfaces of an Asphip Court. And, once you have an Asphip Court, you might as well also have a set of Wandering Disks and play a combination of shuffleboard and tic tac toe with pucks on wheels. Pucks on wheels!

It makes you think. What other wonderfully mechanical things do we have that we could have fun with, get involved with, get completely, physically engaged with, make sports out of? New kinds of balls and pucks with new properties that invite play. Not that easy. Not that small of an accomplishment, this Asphip thing. Something to get interested in, very, very interested in.



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