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Hanet Ball

Hanet Ball? According to this press clip, Hanet Ball, invented by Fritz J. Valdeus, is played:
"...with two circular goals called 'pengoals' on opposite ends of a court, teams compete with seven players on each side, including a goalkeeper who stands inside the goal, which looks like a playpen. The remaining players use a pint-sized ball that must be bounce-passed to a teammate and players shoot at the opponent's pengoal from outside a circle surrounding the pengoal area.

"Anybody that can bounce-pass a ball and catch it can play Hanet Ball," Valdeus, 30, said. "That's how basic it is. But there's a lot more things involved than just a bounce pass. There's more than 40 different ways to pass the ball, but they all require a bounce."

The movement looks similar to movements in basketball. Players are allowed to hold the ball for five seconds or four steps. Fouls can result in two free shots at the pengoal, similar to a penalty kick in soccer or free throw in basketball. Games are divided into four 13-minute quarters.
This was about the clearest description of the sport itself that I could find. And yes, it seems to be very, very much in the same spirit as that of the just-previously-blogged sport of Socci.

But before we rush to judgment about which is what, I'd like to direct your attention to the passion that fuels the invention of a new sport, as revealed on a sidebar in the front page of the Hanet Ball Website:
Welcome to HANET BALL - The sport that brighten even light into your path. I, Fritz J. Valdeus personally welcome you on HANET BALL online, the sport that every one in Palm Beach & Broward County are talking about. The sport that excites and alternates the ways you exercise.
"The sport that brighten even light into your path." Whatever that means, it reveals something of the passion, the reach of the vision, the genuine nobility of the spirit that envisioned it into being. It's far more than someone trying to sell new sports equipment. It's someone trying to bring something new into the world - sports for fun, sports that more people can play, sports that are created to celebrate the human body, spirit and community.



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