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TsegBall (pronounced seg-ball) "is a combination of basketball, volleyball, handball, rugby and hopscotch." Again we see how new sports can be built from old. Again we find a sport that is designed to be "non contact." And again, we see that along with all this renewal, we are being given sports that reduce "the amount of injury prevalent in most contact sports while removing the physical intimidation factor on the court. Second, TsegBall's design allows for co-educational teams. By removing the violence aspect, men and women are able to play together on the same team--a feature not common in many of today's more popular sports."

Here's more from the site: "team sport designed for use in schools, recreation and fitness centers, rehabilitation clinics and even the military. The game is easy to play and allows men and women to compete on the same team. Because it is a co-ed sport, the rules are designed to prevent any bodily contact. Men and women can enjoy the game together without the risk of injury prevalent in most contact sports. The game emphasizes good strategy rather than physical prowess and generates a lot of creativity. There is no jumping and players can only use their hands, so they've got to rely on quick thinking and fast reflexes in order to win."



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