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Socci "is an individual fitness activity, social game, and a competitive sport ...combining elements of soccer, basketball, and hackysack." A sport after my own junkyard-inspired heart - creating by combining some of the must fun parts of other sports. Like soccer and hackysack, Socci is played without using hands. Like basketball, no physical

The Socci goal is perhaps the most innovative aspect of the sport. It is low, round, and free-standing - so a goal can be scored from all sides. This makes defending the goal much more challenging, and more interesting for players and audience alike. The inventor sees Socci as "the ultimate soccer training game." I see it as a new sport. Better than soccer, because it is faster paced. The goals are closer together, so players have to shift from offense to defense suddenly and often. There is more opportunity to score, and more opportunities for fun. Though I'm certain a good Socci player masters many soccer-related skills, the value of Socci is not in its soccer- or hackysack-likeness, but in the fun.

Need more evidence? See especially the first two recommended alternate games:
"Trash Socci - If you're dying to play Socci, a trash can will do. Just count one point for hitting the "can" and two for putting it in.

"Circle Socci - Even if you can't get a can, just draw a circle. Count one point for rolling into the circle and two for dropping it into the circle."



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