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Efficiency Ball

Efficiency Ball is a junkyard sport for the office, in deed it is.

I quote, in an explanatory and illustrative fashion:
"Two desks must be placed so that they are facing eachother (if your office isn't already set up this way), and they must be pushed together. Each player sits at one of the desks in front of a monitor. If you do not have a monitor, or you have an LCD monitor without a flat top, substitute platforms may be used. Each player then places a "totem" (.5 liter bottle) on top of his/her monitor. The cord is used to designate the Matthew Zone to the right of the desks.

"A Throw Line must somehow be indicated on the wall 60" above the floor.

"For added difficulty, players may place various desk items haphazardly about their desks (cd stacks, coffee cups, books, pizza boxes, IN boxes, etc.) in order to disrupt the other player's throws."
Junkly in its very essence, manifesting the very nature of all that is Junkyard Sports. CD stacks, coffee cups, pizza boxes in deed. And so, with thoroughly whetted appetite, I quote what apparently is one last time:
"Players take turns throwing a ball against a wall, trying to knock their opponent's totem off of their monitor. The throwing player throws the ball against the wall, making sure the ball hits above the Throw Line. The opposing player may then try to defend their totem by attempting to catch the ball after it bounces on his/her desk.

"If a player successfully knocks over their opponent's totem, or the ball comes to rest in the Matthew Zone, their turn is over, and play passes to the other player."
But what, you ask, are the true origins of Efficiency Ball and wherefore the "Matthew Zone?" The only way I know to answer is by quoting yet again, even though:
"Matthew brought a semi-squishy, semi-bouncy "stress relief" ball stamped with the word "EFFICIENCY" into the office. Efficiency Ball was immediately born."

Hardware Chess

If you are interested in learning the nuts and bolts of chess set-making, here is where you should most definitely start - Claude Rieth's complete chess set, completely made out of nuts and bolts.

Thanks to Mr. Rieth, the beginning of your personal path to chess-like glory is as close as your local hardware store.

via Makezine

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