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Crockey, according to the eponymous Wikipedia, is a baseball-like game in which everyone has a bat. The field is marked as illustrated. In addition, "there is the Crock" - "a regular softball encased in foam padding and wrapped in several layers of duct tape. A Nerf-type foam is typically used to pad the ball, and this is accomplished by slicing the foam ball in half, coring it to the size of the softball, and reassembling it around the softball with duct tape." (hence, our junktropic interest). On the only other Crockey-specific site I could find, I also learned the following:

"Crockey is much like volleyball or tennis. The ball is propelled back and forth across the midlines by each team. Each player may use a bat and other methods to propel the ball. If a team fails to return the ball to the other side, the other team scores one point."

and "In the game of crockey, having fun is the primary object. Winning is secondary, so let the younger players have a chance to have fun. Rotating gives every player a chance to play a different position."

Crockey bears all the marks of true, Junk-enabled fun. Hence, we hereby grant the title of Junkmaster to the game's inventors, Joshua and Josiah Inman of Seaman, Ohio. We thank you, Junkmasters Joshua and Josiah, for this gift of junkly fun.


Junkyard Golf Course and Community Building Event with Potluck

For some bizarre reason, I found myself working on a lovely little pamphlet describing how perfectly suited the whole Junkyard Golf experience would be to the challenge and goals of a community-building event.

Everybody can play.

There are calls to creativity and collaboration, invitations to inclusion, incentives for sharing, and it all somehow connects people to each other and to the world they are creating together.

And when it was finished, it felt really good. I mean, I liked it. A lot. It was clear. Fun. Accessible.

So I decided to give it away.


Use it in the best of fun.

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