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Foosball, Foosball, why, o, why do I love Foosball?

Two reasons:

1. I've been teaching some rather large groups about Junkyard Sports. "Human Foosball" has proven to be a fun, involving, elegant introduction to the spirit and practice of the aforementioned. The idea is that instead of having dolls on rods, you have lines of people facing this way and that. Sometimes, we kick the ball. Sometimes we volley it. Sometimes the ball is made out of a rolled-up sweatshirt. Every time, people seem to understand enough about foosball to create a genuinely fun, if junkish version, in minutes.

And, for another reason, you get people who play the non-human version, and can do things like you see in this Futbolin Video.

Fork Art

Think of it as Fork Art. It's logical, actually, that you might think of it in those terms, since the name of the site is FORK-ART.com, the products are very much like works of art, folk art, perhaps, but fork art, definitely, because the material that is used in creating these works of forky art is actually, as one might suspect, forks, metal forks. Take a look, for another example, at this fork dragon, for example, or fork helicopter, for another, or even the fork dentist.

So, ye Protectors of the Planet, yes, all of ye, ye Recyclers of Hope, next time you think about bringing public notice to our endless capacity to produce junk, think also about celebrating our equally endless abilities to turn junk into art.


Capture the Flag - city rules

Capture the Flag, Game One, Kensington Market, July 26, 2005, Toronto, Canada. Game one of three, so far as I can tell from the newmindspace site. A site, if I may say so, worth seeing. A generous site, describing not only how to play Capture the Flag in the middle of a city, but also how to have a subway party, for example, or, yes, a giant pillow fight, and even a city-wide Easter Egg fortune cookie poetry event.

But I like Capture the Flag the best. Because, I guess, I like the game, the poetry of it, the metaphor - the whole "jail" thing, with the guarding and desperation and heroism and laughter. And I especially appreciate the junkyardness of the way they adapted the rules, how they've incorporated not only the city into their vision, but also the "affordances" of city life - maps, cellphones, access to public and private transportation. And I like even more than that thinking about all sheer, silly drama of it all unfolding against a cityscape, waking everyone in a half-mile radius, hobo and executive, shopper and tourist, to the possibility of fun.


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