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Dr. Philip Ella Juico reviews Junkyard Sports in the Philipine Star

"Playing Junkyard Sports" from the " Daily Hampshire Gazette"


"The joy of learning has been driven underground and with it much of the pleasure of teaching. ... Junkyard Sports bring(s) them to the surface again."

Herb Kohl


"Bernie DeKoven continues to provide mankind with ideas to have fun. He is a master at stimulating the creativity and imagination in all of us. This inventive, clever, and brilliant contribution is his latest to making our lives more fun. It's a must read for every recreation leader and parent!"

Jonathan Korfhage, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation in Foster City, California and a past president of the National Recreation & Park Association


This book is inspirational and is a must read for anyone who facilitates games or sports on a regular basis.

Play Today, Issue 45, Nov/Dec 2004

The Book

"This easy to read and use, friendly paperback book would be a 5 star for recreation leaders and elementary physical education teachers. The cooperative activities provide a valuable collection for various populations. " (more)
"The sports in DeKoven’s book give people a chance to play and have fun together without necessarily worrying about who wins and who looses. Perhaps as important, it also gives participants a chance to run around, burn up some energy and improve their level of fitness." (more)

Roger Greenaway
Reviewing Skills Training

"This book by Bernie DeKoven has just been published by Human Kinetics. The eye-catching title doesn't explain a lot. The subtitle explains everything: 'Make sports fun again!' " (more)

Sivasailam (Thiagi) Thiagarajan

"I am predicting that Bernie's new book will start a revolution that will change the way sports is played around the world." (more)

Matt Weinstein, Emperor, Playfair Inc., author, Managing To Have Fun

"Everytime I tell someone about Bernie DeKoven's brilliant new concept of Junkyard Sports, the other person's eyes light up, and he invariably says, "What a great idea!" And then he looks at me as if I've just given him a gift." (more)

Dan (Stork) Roddick, executive director, World Flying Disc Federation

"In Junkyard Sports, Bernie DeKoven has brought us a wonderful gift that has been cleverly disguised. When you first look through the pages, you'll think it's a collection of zany things you can do with junk that you find. " (more)

Jay Beckwith, president, BOLDR

"Junkyard Sports! What a seemingly innocent sounding subject. But the truth is that you hold in your hands a very subversive manifesto." (more)

Dr. Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor and The Courage to Laugh

"I think DeKoven is a modern day alchemist. In this book, he magically shows readers how to turn a junkyard into gold mine. What a joyful world this would be if we all read this book and followed his advice."



  • More than 75 demonstration games are included.
  • Endless variations of six major team sports can be played by almost anyone, anywhere, with just about anything.
  • Games are easy to implement and use low-cost or no-cost “found” materials for equipment.
  • Games build physical, social, and mental skills, including endurance, teamwork, and sensitivity to others.


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