• Unlike professional or amateur or even youth sports, Junkyard Sports are all about fun.
  • There's no discrimination between players because of ability, because there is no demand to perform.
  • Participants never feel excluded or threatened or even uncomfortable.
  • And yet they find themselves giving their all, getting to be the star players in a new, never-before-been played sport that they invented together.

Junkyard Sports

Junkyard Sports sign (made out of clothes)



Community, physical education, recreation and education

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Junkyard Sports® Festivals, Tournaments and Parties can be developed for almost any number of people. Probably 12 or more. For a couple hours or a day long celebration. As a corporate team building event or part of a community wide celebration. Including just about anything fun and junky you can imagine: junk bands, junk food, junk artists, junk sculpture-building, junk juggling,

They're held in stadiums. They're played in backyards. And classrooms. And playgrounds. And alleys. And hallways.

They're head-to-head, toe-to-toe, face-to-face, person-to-person, team-to-team competition. They're called "Junkyard Sports." And they're all for fun.

They're based on real, official, television-worthy sports, but they're fun for all. For everyone. Regardless of ability or age.



Junkyard Sports events are invitations to involvement and inventiveness for hundreds and maybe even thousands of people.

  • Inclusive
  • Empowering
  • Unthreatening
  • Challenging mind and body, individual and group.
  • Cross-culture.
  • Cross-ability.
  • Cross-age.