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Turn your company picnic into a celebration of community and creativity. Play sports that focus on fun and participation rather than winning and competition. Make your event one where participants feel safe, accepted, included. Where they play together, easily, supportively, ingeniously, getting to know each other better, to cross boundaries, to experience the corporate community at play.

Because every aspect of a Junkfest is designed to invite playful, creative, open communication - communication between generations, between people, and the community and the environment in which they play

The sports.

Three team baseball, for example, played on a basketball court. With 40 socks, 8 trash cans and a beach ball. Perhaps a game of Paper Plate Frisbee Golf. Not to mention One Team Sidewalk Gum Eraser Handball.


Your basic package for 25-100 people*

Includes 3-4 hours of your essential Junkmaster and up to 3 assistants, set up and junkpiles for 4 original Junkyard Sports.

$1,500-$4,000 plus expenses.

More people? 500 maybe? 50,000?

More sports

  • A Junkyard Sport for every 25 players. And consequently a Junkmaster for each. Figure about $500 per. Think about hosting a Junkmaster Training for your own staff.


  • And more variety. Perhaps a grilled-cheese-sandwich-making-and-tasting that spans the cheese world from cream to bleu whilst bridging bread and cracker cosmos.

More stuff to do

  • How about a half-time with a junk-playing marching band and junk-wearing mascot? Maybe a Junk Sculpture and Jewelry Sale fun(d)-raising table or several.

More fun

  • Junkyard carnival games, Junkyard street games, Junkyard fashion shows, Junkyard table games, tricycle games, junk dancing....


  • Build the team
  • Build the enterprise
  • Build community and environmental sensitivty