Celebrating community

Teach your kids how they can help themselves and their whole community to have healthier bodies and happier hearts.Teach them the joy of sports that are fun for everybody.


Junkmaster Training for Educators

"My name is Vinny and I work at the City of Cypress. I was there when you came and taught us the basics of junkyard sports. I just wanted to thank you because now i have a lot easier time in figuring out what to do with the kids. I can just about play a game with anything."

It's playing and creating and leading games like "Trash Basketball" and" Human Pinball Soccer" and "Puck Puck Hockey."

It's learning how you can help your kids participate and create events for other kids, between grades or schools, with their parents and grandparents and whole community.

It's learning a program of lifetime sports that are fun, safe, inclusive, and often make people laugh. It's a structured, open-ended, celebrating, icebreaking, connection-making celebration of solidarity.

It's a world of fun to discover and rediscover. It's junk, of course. And rules from different sports and games. And environments. Which is already a lot. It's learning how to challenge kids' creativity and compassion, to help them create their own challenges, to body, mind, and heart.

Deep Fun

Junkmaster Training is founded in the same principles that led to the success of the New Games Training, principles developed by Bernie DeKoven, and found everywhere in his DeepFUN.com website, and especially January 7-9, 2005, at the Esalen Institute


Fees are set on a sliding scale, depending on the budget, the duration and scale of the event and the number of people involved in the training.


Especially for teachers and community workers in schools and recreation centers - your completely downloadable, almost 2-megabyte's worth of plans for holding your own Junkyard Golf Course and Community Building with Potluck Event





Leading with fun

Teachers, physical educators, recreation programmers, youth leaders - learn how to make Junkyard Sports part of your program and your kids' lives.


Junkmaster Training at the Boys and Girls Club

See this for a description of some of the activities during the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club training.